Paul Hormis

FX - Rigging - TD


My work as part of the Kinema team

The Kinema Project Research Paper Submission Video

The Leviathan
Rigging Main Creature and 'Hunters'


2014 Demo Reel


FX Reel


This is a Quarter speed vesion of the main slice shot in Snow White and the Huntsman


Toyota Wish Granted
I developed the Smoke using 3d Studio Max, Fume FX, Krakatoa and Thinking Particles


12 years ago I came out with a training DVD that showed people how to use cloth in ways other than just clothing. They stopped selling that DVD a while ago and every year someone asks me about it. I finally decided to upload it. Many of the techniques are still relevant.

This was for an episode of Dancing With The Stars. The animation was cleaned up mocap. One single simulation with no edits.

A reel I put together for my Autodesk University Class

A ripping test I did for Sinister 2



2010 Sports Emmy
Awarded for my work on Sports Science. Character Rigging, Particles, Cloth and Hair Simulation

2010 Emmy


2010 Demo Reel


2005 Demo Reel